Looking for a Pediatrician?

Contact doctors and/or staff at Children’s Specialists of San Diego, whose doctors and staff interact regularly with pediatricians in the area.

Call the Physician referral Services at Children’s Hospital, UCSD or Sharp Healthcare. Scripps/Mercy does not have a hospital in the east county, so if you pick a Scripps pediatrician, you may have to travel far for urgent, emergency or hospital services.

Look for a doctor whose care style closely matches your expectations as parents.

Assess the doctor’s communication, educational and care philosophies, which empower you to become a partner in the knowledge of your child’s health status and care needs.

Will the pediatricians continue general adolescent care of your child until he/she is 19 years and 11 months old?

Special Needs?

We can help you with a wide range of conditions.


Understanding the condition using checklist

Coordinating care with sub-specialists


Aiding schools in confirming diagnosis

Dyslexia recognition and referrals


Diagnosis using approved tools

Treatment and referrals if meds fail


Depression/Anxiety recognition

Referrals to sub-specialists


Periodic evaluations using BMI/Lab work

Counseling and Referrals to sub-specialists


Appropriate diagnosis using latest guidelines


Treatment and control meds

Referrals to sub-specialists


Seamless follow-up from hospital

Special formula needs

Referrals to sub-specialists


Up to 10 lbs. newborn weight

Up to two weeks post full-term birth

Modern “plastibell” method with local pain-control

Going to or Just had your baby?

If you if you are the parent of a newborn..

Ask your OB-Gyn and his/her office staff for their recommendations.

Speak to Women’s Center nurses at the hospital where you will or just had your baby.

Have a “get to know” meeting with potential pediatricians.

Review a copy of their newborn booklet.

Physicals and Shots

For a QUICK LINK to required vaccines, click HERE

Bring your child’s shot record for every visit (physical or sick) until age 24 months.

Until 24 months..

  • 2 months – childhood vaccines
  • 4 months – childhood vaccines
  • 6 months – childhood vaccines
  • 9 months –childhood vaccines, blood iron check begins
  • 12 months – childhood vaccines
  • 15 months – childhood vaccines
  • 18 months – catch-up vaccines
  • 24 months – catch-up vaccines
  • 3 years – vision and hearing checks begin
  • 5 & years – pre-K vaccines

Between 6 and 19 years..

Recommended annually by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Your insurance may restrict or eliminate routine physicals coverage after age 7 years. Please check with them.

What vaccines does my child need and by what ages ?

Bring your child’s shot record for EVERY visit (physical or sick) until age 5 YEARS.


4 DTaP, 4 HiB, 4 Prevnar
3 Hep-B, 3 Polio
2 Hep-A, 1 Varivax, 1 MMR


5 DTaP, 4 HiB, 4 Prevnar
4 Polio, 3 Hep-B
2 Varivax, 2 MMR, 2 Hep-A

(In addition to above)

1 TDaP [Before 12]
1 Meningococal ACYW [Before 12]
2 HPV [Before 12]
2 Meningococcal B [Before 17]

How do I get Quick Help?

What are your office’s after hours coverage policies? Are you open on weekends?
If you are new to the practice, you may call the office phone number. The prompts will direct you to a call a pediatric experienced triage nurse, who could answer most of your questions. If needed or you are not fully satisfied with the triage directions, the nurse is authorized or you may choose to page the doctor on call at 619-670-7592 for an immediate call-back.

How can I get an appointment? How soon can I get a physical scheduled?
You may call 619-698-2184 and choose option 0 to reach the scheduling desk. Physicals are typically scheduled within 7-10 days. We request you to not schedule more than two older siblings together, and give yourself enough time before the appointment.

Do you have separate well and sick patient waiting rooms?
Yes, the well side is accessed from the west (parking lot) side, and the sick side from the south (street) side of the building.

My child has a rash. Is it contagious?
If your child has been exposed, never had or not been immunized (at 12 months) with the chicken pox vaccine, and the rash looks like chicken pox or another contagious rash, please inform us when you make the appointment. We will instruct you about your child’s visit.

My child fell of the swing. What do I do?
Call your pediatrician right away with the following information. How long ago was the fall? Any Loss of consciousness or Vomiting? If so, take your child right away to the Emergency Department of the closest hospital for a CT scan. If not, observe your child for 24 hours for the above symptoms, including impaired sensorium, excessive sleeping or irritability/crying.

My child is on new medication. He/she had a possible reaction. Help!
Call your pediatrician right away with the following information: The name of the medication? How long ago ingested? Type of reaction – i.e. Rash, Swelling of the Lips or Extremities, Closing of the throat, etc.

My child is short of breath (or has a chest pain). What do I have to watch out for?
Call your pediatrician right away with the following information: Duration and Severity of the Pain? Medications for asthma or prior history of asthma? Prior history of ingestion of Prelone? If very severe, your child needs to go to the closest Emergency Department.

My child has a fever of 104oF. Where I do I take him/her to the ER?
Age of Child? If under 2 months, take your child to the Emergency room for a septic work-up. If older, call your pediatrician right away with the following information: How was temperature taken (Rectal, Armpit or Oral)? What Medications were given and when?

My child was bitten by an insect. His/her (body part) is swollen. What do I do?
Call your pediatrician right away with the following information: The type of insect (Spider, Bee, Ant, etc.)? How long ago bitten? Type of reaction – i.e. Rash, Swelling of the Lips or Extremities, Closing of the throat, etc.

My child is experiencing pain when urinating. What do I do?
Call your pediatrician right away with the following information: Age of your child? Associated symptoms – e.g. Fever, Vomiting, Back-ache. If one or all of these present, take your child to the closest Emergency Department. If only symptoms of burning, pain or urgency, Urinalysis in the office will likely reveal Urinary Tract Infection.

I would like to know MORE about a illness/condition my child may have.
Click on any of the links above to go to a page that will give you more information about your child’s illness or condition. These sites have been reviewed and approved by your child’s pediatrician for general information only. Remember, none of these sites are a replacement for a professional evaluation of your child’s illness or condition.